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Welcome to my lifestyle and purpose blog!  My name is Tamika and this blog is about faith, creativity, and style.  My name means beautiful, and I am affectionately known as Lady T to dear friends and followers on Instagram.  God has downloaded His love and compassion for His beloved girls into my own heart.  Weaving the word of God, holiness, and style together into a message of beauty is my mission.  After overcoming personal confidence struggles as a young woman, God completely removed the veil from my eyes about my purpose.  I was intentionally created with a fondness for style and a fervent passion for wanting every woman and girl to experience pulchritude, confidence, and Jesus.  

I’m passionate about style, but I’m a daughter of God before I am anything else.  As a certified Christian Stylist, fashioning souls is just as important as helping sisters in Christ with their wardrobe needs.  Fashioning eternally beautiful women with prospering souls is an everlasting contribution to the kingdom of God.  It is my desire to steward spiritual gifts, talents, and finances well.  This blog space is where I seek the richness and beauty of God through faith, creative expression, and glue gun glamour.  

If you’re a frugal fashionista, you’re in good company!  My eclectic style closet is a savvy functional wardrobe curated through secondhand treasures and clearance rack finds.  I’m so blessed that you stopped by for a visit!  I’m delighted to celebrate our internal and external beauty together.  God comes first on this journey, and He has made all things beautiful in its time…Ecclesiastes 3:11.  That my dear includes beautiful you.  You’re in my prayers precious girl…Oh, and God thinks you’re pretty!

Prayer First, Then Lipstick,

Lady T

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What Entrepreneurship Taught Me About Using My Gifts

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I’m so happy you’re here!  The least I can do is tell you something about me…

I’m a frugal Christian Stylist from the midwest.  I love Jesus, adore my family and friends, and unashamedly admit that I’m a cold-weather chocoholic!  Sipping hot cinnamon tea all year round gives me all the warm, fuzzy feels and a sigh of contentment with every sip.  The thrift store is my joint! I love the patience that’s required to find gems in heaps of unwanted items that people toss.  Thrifting reminds me that we’re valuable vessels God can use when we feel empty, unloved, rejected, broken, and abandoned.  But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not us (2 Corinthians 4:7 ESV).  I’m a living witness of God’s miracle-working power.